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"Do you Hear What I Hear? Communicating with Deity"

NOW I'm pimping my class. :-) Feel free to leave more suggestions on my previous entry - I really do appreciate them.

"Do you Hear What I Hear? Communicating with Deity"
A class and discussion moderated by Hillary Gross
February 21st, 2008. 8pm-10pm
RU Pagan Student Association.
College Ave Student Center, Rm 407

What do people mean when they say they've talked to or seen a deity? How do you reconcile your grounding in western science with the (sometimes ungrounding) spirituality you're exploring now? Why do you perceive nothing when others say they've experienced something tangible while standing right next to you in ritual? How do you know if there's a deity trying to get your attention?

Shifting your mindset to include not just believing in, but also communicating with, deity and other spirits is a huge challenge for those of us raised in the religion of science. But it IS possible to learn how to speak with the gods without compromising the Big Bang theory. Come to RU Pagans with your questions and experiences to share. Though there is some prepared material, this will be an interactive discussion since each person's questions and experiences are unique.

Hillary Gross has been a member of Grove of the Other Gods for seven years. She's been privy to Coyote's constant commentary for over five years, so she knows a little something about how to listen - and how to talk back.
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