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What would you like to know about Communicating With Deity?

A week from tomorrow, I'm giving a class at RU Pagans on Communicating With Deity. I'm not pimping though - I need advice.

Talking/hearing/seeing/otherwise communicating with gods - well I won't say I came to it easily, but I seem to have had an easier time than most, and am at the point where I can pick up on a LOT of wavelengths, even if I don't know the deity in question. For instance, when I was with a Thorsman and Thor and Coyote played a trick, I saw/heard them cracking up. I said to him, don't you hear it? And he said "yes...but I've never heard that before." It's finally gotten through my thick skull that this is a gift/talent, not something everybody can do/knows how to do.

We all have our strengths, of course. I'm not very good at seeing or doing magic. But MAN can I pray! I've always thought that if life were D&D (and you know we've all thought it), I'd be a cleric - not cuz I'm a good healing person but because the cleric derives their power from their Deity (and if I'm wrong, don't bother arguing - it's just a model anyway).

I'm trying to think of a good metaphor for where I'm coming from. It's not explaining a rainbow to a blind man, I don't think, because most people aren't blind men. It's not like teaching math, because you can do drills and work up, even if someone never gets good at it. Maybe it's like writing - I've always been good at it, but I couldn't teach you how to be creative, just what structures of poems are and how to use grammar.

Hmm, maybe it is like writing then. I can say, use flashcards to increase your vocabulary. Drill and study root words to increase your spelling. Work on homonyms and homophones so you understand where each is appropriate. Here is the way to write and essay and a sonnet and a short story. But I can't make you GOOD - at least I don't think it's possible - you can give all the tools you want, but in the end, a person is just going to fall somewhere on the scale between Vogan and Shakespeare.

All right, so now that that's worked out, what TOOLS do you suggest I use? What do you wish you'd know earlier about communicating with deity/spirits? What do you currently wish to know? What would you get out of a class on this, no matter where you are in the spectrum? Also, are there any resources (books, websites) that have helped/would help you?

I want to give the baby pagans something to grow on, I want to give them material, but I also want to let them steer the lecture. I'm trying to prep about an hour of talking and hope to space interaction between.

ETA: Speaking of looking for clue-by-fours, this story popped up in my google ads when I was looking at my lj replies email for this entry: Ghost-like white stag spotted
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