. (geeksdoitbetter) wrote in othergods,


hey, ya'll

i saw Crucible listed on the our events page

wondered if folks have experience with this event and care to share?
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I went when Norma was doing her Hindu presentation, which was fun. Some of the panels were interesting.

It was a bit on the expensive side ($30, if I recall) though....

Granted I'm an Omnimancer so I'm likely a bit biased:) But I really do like Crucible. Its awesome to just relax your social walls and let your mage shine through.

The people we draw are really interesting, the lectures improve every year, and even the after-hours chats are fascinating.

Yes, it is a good amount of money to get in, but where else do you get a gathering of mages from across the country (yes indeedy! and we're hoping to gather some from other countries as soon as they can afford the trip). Also, what other venue exists like this one? And we as the group running the event simply try to even out. I think if you pre-register it's cheaper.

It looks to be a really good event this year, with some new speakers, and some returning (yay!). I hope to see you there!

nice to hear someone exicted about it

can you let me know your definition of mage? is it a blanket word like witch, or does it imply strengh?
One who can exert their will over energy and make it do stuff :p