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9 Virtues - initial thoughts

Thanks for the good idea to post the homework up here :)

Wisdom:  As any D&D geek will tell you, there's a big difference between intelligence and wisdom.  I feel that intelligence is more the capacity to learn.  Wisdom is the accumulation and application of knowledge.  Once does not necessarily have to be intelligent to be wise, though it might help in some cases.

Perseverance:  Like the Little Train That Could.  Even if the goal seems so far away, and the path so hard, there is great personal satisfaction in getting over the hump(s).  We're not members of a mainstream religion, the road can often be harder than it really needs to be, when having to deal with intolerance and evangelists.

Piety:  To speak to and make offerings to the Kindred, even when one isn't asking for something in particular, can increase the relationship between ourselves and the Kindred.  It's sort of like maintaining a friendship.  You sometimes need to call your friend, and sometimes they call you out of the blue.  You get together once in a while for a coffee, or exchange birthday gifts.  The same thing can, and should, happen between us and the Kindred.

Hospitality:  goes along with Piety in building relationships with the Kindred.  If you're a poor guest, no one will invite you again.  If you're a poor host, no one will accept your invitations.  Don't give more than you can spare - but be generous, especially to your fellow humans in these rough financial times.  The Kindred will understand if you can't give as much in your material offerings.

Vison:  long view, the big picture... I don't know, I think I lack this pretty much.  I tend to live day-to-day, with only a few long term goals. Perhaps keeping sight of the future, while being able to adjust in the present, would be considered Vision?

Moderation:   Don't overdo it .  Set realistic goals.  I'm only human, and I cannot control the Universe, as much as I sometimes think I can. 
Too much of a good thing can be harmful - especially cake.

Courage: goes with Perseverance, tempered with Wisdom.  Face fears, and keep going.

Fertility: fecundity, not necessarily "be fruitful and multiply", though it could defenitely mean that, and apply to gardening and animal husbandry, and the fertility of the Earth.  Prolific might be a better word to apply to creative pursuits.

Integrity: don't ever call me a liar.  I pride myself on speaking the truth.  Ethics fall under this virtue as well.  I might as well be a true-life paladin, for my adherance to the law.
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