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1st dedicant's homework - 9 virtues

we were asked to ponder the nine ADF virtues and see if/how they applied to our lives

my tally: three of 'em are in my world (perseverance, courage and integrity); two of 'em i had to re interpret (moderation became balance, fertility became creativity); and the other 4 are just silly/annoying (wisdom, piety, hospitality, vision)

do any of these strike a chord with you?

-Wisdom - erm, like being smart? or mebbe this is more like "continuing to learn" or not being closed to new ideas

-Perseverance - yes! stick-to-it-ive-ness. i totally like this one. balanced with a desire to realistically evaluate the situation, coz, not all things should be continued.

-piety - what, like, always going to ritual or consistently honoring the gods? eh, i don't need this one. i make offerings when i'm moved to. i try to make sure it's not only when i need something. past that, i don't think sticking to a schedule makes me a better pagan

-Hospitality - eh. i'm not a fan of opening my home to someone simply because they exist. i entertain and cherish my friends. i'm often uncomfortable with overly solicitous strangers

-Vision - what in the world? like, being a visionary? seeing outside the box? or seeing into other realms? i find that to be a bit of tosh, really. i think more folks could do with seeing what's actually in front of them in *this* realm ... and then trying to make it better.

-Moderation - screw that! i'd like as much of everything as i can carry, please. then, i'll happily share out the extras. i'm gonna pretend this one means "balance". as that's a virtue i can get behind. a bit from column a, a tad from row 3

-Courage - hrm. in the face of what? somethings are daunting for a reason. could be you haven't thought things through or aren't prepared. i tend to view fear as a healthy reaction and i try to pay attention to what i can learn from it. then, properly prepared, i'm all in for a battle - either with others to get what's owed, or with myself to let go of what i think i'm entitled to.

-Fertility - yeah, that's a big no thank you. not every human should reproduce. however, i do try to cultivate a richness of creativity and a spirit of adventure/learning/growth

-Integrity - yes! i'm totally down with this one. do the thing you said you'd do. and do it well. if you canna do it, then let it be known and ask for help.
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