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Call for Submission

Illious, Northeast Regional Druid and Scribe for ADF Bardic Guild, has put out a call for submissions for chants and songs used in ADF ritual, to compile into a hymnal of sorts.

I got to see a rough draft of the book this weekend, and it is laid out in ritual order.

It occurs to me that GoG has more than one or two melodies that should be submitted.

I'm not sure who is currently Grove Bard, but here's the submission information:


Please submit songs to me so I can format it the same as the other songs, and get a waiver sent out to you.  Remember, you need to hold the copyright to the song to submit it, or be able to get hold of the owner of it (and preferably have them submit it).  You can submit any file type you want, but preference is a Finale file or MIDI as they are easiest to create the sheet music with.  An MP3, WMA, WAV, etc. with words is acceptable as I can transcribe it.

So, if this inspires you to submit something, go to http://bardic.illious.net and submit it!


North East Regional Druid, ADF
Preceptor, Brewers Guild, ADF
Scribe, Bardic Guild, ADF
SD, Tear of the Cloud Grove, ADF
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