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mary as protector

does anyone have experience with or thoughts about honoring Mary as protector?

i sometimes have trouble falling asleep, there's a nearly overwhelming fear for my physical safety and for my sanity

today, while i was battling for control, i had an odd but clear thought: you should honor Mary as protector

i've not worked with Mary ever, other than the wonderous May crowning we did last year

interestingly, i'd noticed last week that the glow in the dark crucifix i got at the crowning (and attached to my car's antenna) has finally broken

all my knowledge about how folks worship Mary come from movies ~grin~

in the movies, she's called upon *after* The Bad Thing has happened - in what seems to me to be a useless gesture

i'm more thinking of ... Mary as fierce, as guardian, as standing *between* me and The Bad Thing


so, i'm totally ok taking up this new thought and working it into my world, even if there's no precedent

but, it'd be neat to learn about other folks who were thinking of her the same way
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